A Grades, B Grades, C Grades

If there is no grade marked, then your order is an A grade or for Presale. Please check below the item for details on when your order will be shipped. 1-2 Days shipping mean it is not a presale and an A Grade, unless otherwise stated in product drop down menu.3-6 weeks shipping means the item is a presale. 

  • A Grades - Zero to little imperfections or minor scuffs that do not take away from the art 
  • B Grades - Mild imperfections that may include scratching, 1-2 spots of paint being wrong, small bubbles, which do not take away from the art. 
  • C Grades - Major imperfections that do take away from the art. Missing enamel, major scratches, chips in metal, etc. 

Preorders & Orders

  • After receiving your item, please check it thoroughly. You have 2 days from receiving your item (USPS or UPS verified) to submit a claim for a refund or return. After this time has passed, no refunds or returns will be given. However discounts are still applicable after the two days have passed from the time you received your order. 
  • If your order is for presale/preorder, their will be no refunds after transaction is made. However, if you find your product to be less then ideal when received, please make a claim within two days of receiving your product. After that refunds and replacements will not be given. However, discounts may be deemed necessary, at the owner's discretion.
  • Presales/Preorders each differ. Please check in the informational section on the pin you are purchasing for details on when you may expect your pin to arrive. Most pins and Moodmats in presale/preorder will take 3-8 weeks to ship. However, it is out of the owner’s control if their are manufacturing issues.

Purchases and Refund Policy

  • Refunds will not be given on product that does not have errors outside of the scope of grades, which are based on the Grades A, B, C. Grades are given on those items that do have errors, so plan accordingly for your expectations of what you are receiving. 
  • Sometimes things will miss my eyes. Please feel free to email me or message me via Facebook to resolve any issues you may find.